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Enjoy the royal adventure of a lifetime as you set course for the Royal Yacht Britannia with Bright Bus Tours. Our Britannia tours allow you to admire some of Edinburgh’s most beautiful sights, including Queen Elizabeth II’s former floating residence.

Our Britannia Tour, immerse yourself in royalty!

You can get on and off the Edinburgh Britannia tour bus in the city centre.

Our open-top bus tour in Edinburgh goes past the Royal Botanic Garden and Newhaven Harbour. Then, our Britannia bus goes all the way to Leith and the majestic Royal Yacht Britannia. There are lots more sights to see when you’re on board our Edinburgh bus tours, too!

Journey Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Frequency: Runs Every Hour

Starting Point: Waterloo Place, or hop on at any of our Edinburgh Britannia Tour stops.

Admire some of Edinburgh’s most postcard-worthy sights with Bright Bus Tours – don’t forget your camera!

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Hidden Edinburgh Gems

Ready to board our hop-on, hop-off bus in Edinburgh? Here are a few notable sights to look forward to on the bus to Royal Yacht Britannia from Edinburgh.

Calton Hill

Our first stop on our Britannia tour in Edinburgh (Britannia Tour Stop 1) is the majestic Calton Hill, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This culturally significant landmark is a must-visit on our bus tours in Edinburgh if you love history and beauty. It offers stunning cityscape views and boasts notable landmarks like the National Monument (modelled after Athens’ Parthenon). 

The Water of Leith Walkway

Britannia Tour Stop 6 on our Bright Bus Britannia tour takes you to the Water of Leith Walkway. This beautiful river in the city is perfect for nice walks, spotting wildlife, and a peaceful break from city life. The Water of Leith was once bustling with activity, with everything from paper mills to flour mills operating along its banks. Today, it’s so tranquil you can stroll amongst the gorgeous orchids and even catch a glimpse of a deer or a badger!

Circus Lane

We hope you have your camera ready for Britannia Tour Stop 8! Edinburgh is home to many photo-worthy sights, but Circus Lane really takes the cake. It’s a lovely cobblestone street lined with colourful Georgian houses, blooming flowers, and a peaceful ambience. Many photographers are drawn to the gorgeous architecture and magical feel of the old lane. If you happen to snap a pic when hopping off our Edinburgh open-top bus, feel free to share it with us!

Dean Village

Prepare to be transported back in time at Britannia Tour Stop 9 on the Britannia Edinburgh bus tour. Dean Village is a picturesque and historic area known for its charming cottages, tranquil waterway, and quaint atmosphere. From the cosy, delightful old homes to the spectacular tower, it’s a stop you don’t want to miss on our Britannia Edinburgh tour bus. It’s a secret Edinburgh hidden gem for strolling and capturing postcard-worthy scenes. 

Victoria Street aka Diagon Alley

Calling all Harry Potter fans – Britannia tour stop 14 will put a spell on you! Victoria Street might just have been the inspiration behind Diagon Alley, the place where the young wizard got his first wand. Victoria Street is a vibrant and charming curved street with colourful buildings, boutique shops, and cosy cafés. Its charm and character make it a popular destination for locals and tourists. Whether you or your child are a fan, a Britannia Tour stop here will make your day – just don’t enter diagonally!

Royal Yacht Britannia Tour

The Royal Britannia Yacht in Edinburgh is one of the highlights of our Edinburgh hop-on, hop-off bus tour. Many remarkable famous figures have been aboard the Britannia ship in Edinburgh, from Nelson Mandela to Princess Margaret!

Whether you want to feel like the captain of the Britannia Royal Yacht or you’re interested in seeing Queen Elizabeth’s favourite room in the flesh, this is the stop for you.

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Bright Bus Perks

If you’re looking for the perfect day trip through Edinburgh, our Britannia Tours offers additional perks to make experiencing Edinburgh all the more exciting.

The Real Mary Kings Close
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The Real Mary King’s Close (

The Cauldron Edinburgh
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Our Potions Bar Edinburgh | Magical Drinks | The Cauldron Edinburgh

Holyrood Distillery
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Sushi Stop
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The Magic Cup

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Located in Waverley Mall

Bright Bus Tours: The Brightest Way to Enjoy Edinburgh

Bright Bus Tours has been crafting unforgettable adventures and memories since 2019. As Scotland’s official open-top tour and airport connection, we don’t just offer incredible hop-on, hop-off day trips to the Royal Yacht Britannia in Edinburgh and beyond. We also provide the cheapest and fastest way to get from Edinburgh airport to the city centre with our Bright Bus Airport Express (including a quick connection to our tour bus stops).

We always put our adventurers first and are constantly challenging ourselves to grow. Our dedication to your tour experience earned us a 5-star rating for customer service and a 4-star rating in quality assurance from Visit Scotland. We’re not just here to sell tickets; we create memorable experiences, offer insider secrets and advice, and actively support local businesses. 

Bright Bus Tours offers the friendliest and best-value way to explore Edinburgh and take in all the hidden gems along the way. Here are a few reasons to book a tour with Bright Bus in Edinburgh:

  • A fun alternative to exploring the city on foot
  • Cheap airport transfers
  • Private tour options
  • Dogs allowed

From the Royal Botanic Garden to the Royal Yacht, our Britannia tours will take you to some of Edinburgh’s most mesmerising sights.
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